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Mar 00

The 13th Warrior

This was like Braveheart, but not. I don’t know what gave me that feeling. 13th Warrior is ultimately a pointless movie. I never really connected with the characters (when the guy dies at the end, I didn’t even know he was that major a character) nor the plot – I couldn’t tell when the show was really climaxing. I couldn’t see the point that Antonio Banderas had to go along with the other 12 warriors. Maybe it was because the “Viking kingdom” they were trying to protect was a pissy little village (which may have been a kingdom, but I don’t know anything about Viking culture) instead of a kingdom in, let’s say, the medieval English sense. And what the hell are Zulus doing in the icy Northernlands? On the other hand, the movie had some really pictureresque scenery and, if accurate, gave a nice view into the Viking culture and lifestyle. However, a movie without good characterisation and a pointless plot is not really worth watching.