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Mar 00

Star Trek DS9: Ties of Blood and Water (Ep 5.19)

Initially I thought this episode was going to be heavily political, but the politics only turned out to be a subplot. This episode stems from Second Skin, a few seasons ago. The real plot, with Kira having to deal with inner demons and the pain of having to watch someone die was predictable, but reasonably acted out. The vorta was quite amusing. It reminds us of the dominion’s presence (we haven’t seen them for a while), monitoring even Dukat (who seems to think Cardassia has been given “unparalleled autonomy” although I suspect otherwise). Probably not the most exciting episode, but possibly significant in the intelligence Gemore gave to Kira (intelligence that we do not hear about, which I guess reflects the emphasis of the main plot of the episode).

Jamie’s second opinion:

i can’t really remember much other than it wasn’t as good as its predecessor.
sorto of talky, with kira by the guys bed, and more kira/cardie conflict
which is normally good, don’t get me wrong.