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Mar 00

Star Trek DS9: Blaze of Glory (Ep 5.23)

Another great, solid episode. Eddington is a unique character in that he’s a match, or even more than a match for Sisko. The repartée between the two is swift and cutting, hitting each other blow for blow. Both are astute in their observations of each other, and despite their viewpoint differences, they are indeed very similar men – loyal to the end about their beliefs. There is no “wrong side” in this case (between Maquis and Federation), which makes this episode interesting. Eddington isn’t really a villain, and neither are the Maquis. It’s a unique way of poking holes in the “goody-good image” of the Federation and Sisko. The episode also ties up neatly why Cardassia joined the Dominion, and updates us on the status of the Maquis (who seem to be no longer a force). Eddington going down in the “blaze of glory” was a good way to resolve things. It seemed to have put Sisko in a more reflective and more objective frame of mind.

On the flipside, we’ll ignore the subplot of Nog trying to gain the respect of the Klingons, except that it was quite amusing at times :).