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Mar 00


• “Who just slapped me with that fish? *twiddles her thumbs*” –gstarr
• “A fecalphiliac is someone who is obsessed with Mookie stinks” –shakespear (uh I’m quite sure I didn’t need, or want to know that)
• “Red Dot!  I don’t want a red dot!  AUHGGGG!!  I’m being sniped!  (TFC joke, Stewey)” –RegBarc (yeah I know, I’m the one with Private Ryan quotes bound to keys for TFC sniping, remember? :)
• “WTF?  Daylight Savings Time?  We’re in…oh yeah.  That “Southern Hemisphere” thing in “Austrailia”.” –RegBarc
• “suck it dude!” –spaz
• “WTF is that fucking black dot !!!!!! it ain’t there !!!!! SWEAR!!” –WaD
• “Ok i’ll be your stalker. But first I gotta move to Australia, get the money to move to Australia, and whack off.<3 *Ramblings.net*” –Irish
• “Irish needs to shut the hell up.  His complaints are getting annoying.  PS – New Zealanders have relations with sheep?” –Penii (hahah this is the SMS of the day!!)