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Mar 00


• “3> are for people not cool enough for <3 :-)” –Russ (or too dumb to get it right)
• “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love you man” –ben (uh…)
• “i hope i didnt bring this onset of <3” –sung
• “CUZ I LUB IT <33333333333 (and you)” –sung (UH… one more message like this and I’m going to freak)
• “fuck the red dot!  Give us a green one!” –da5id
• “living in america, i have never heard an asian with an australian accent.  you should record your voice” –red scare (maybe one day… but it’s an Aussie accent… don’t think you’d be able to pick out any asianess in it)
• “I heard that Aussie’s like to bang Kangaroos.” –jonez (no, but the rumour you heard about New Zealanders and sheep is correct)

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