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Mar 00

Excuses, Excuses

Finally, the weekend… a chance to sleep in majorly and update

“so where the hell you been, down under?” -Solo (via SMS)

Good question. Well ok, I have a 6.30am start each day, leaving the house at 7 to get to work by 9. On Wednesday, I had uni after work (well, the IT2000 convention in this week’s case :) and thus eventually got home at 11. Then Thursday, I had uni after work again, but after that, went to the Bitsa AGM which ran until 9.30pm. Got back to Campbelltown station at about 11pm, but (and damn this is embarrassing) found I had left my headlights on since 7.30am (it was raining in the morning, which is why the lights were on). Battery was flat as a tack. I didn’t know you couldn’t even lock the doors from the inside (without use of the key), because the locking was powered. NRMA came at 12.30am and jumpstarted me and I got home at 1am. Interesting that the NRMA guy that serviced me had a work shift from 3pm to 6am – that must suck. 5 hours of sleep later and I was out of the house again. So, this is really the first opportunity I’ve had to update.