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Mar 00

Ess Emm Ess

• “Hey! <3, you know you love it.” –Silverweed
• “hey man, fucking awesome site, btw, <3 :-)” -Asmo
• “Stile really does suck. Oh and get Dennis to unban me. Geez, how many times do I have to ask?!?!?!? www.ramblings.net” –Irish (Dennis reads this page. Whether he wants to edit his htaccess settings is up to him :)
• “OH! And make your damn Send an SMS window bigger! its so damn small…….. make it like a paragraph one (the text imputter hhahah” -Irish (SMSes are restricted to 160 characters, hence you only need a one line text box for entry)
• “The nokia network thing looks like a good idea. I love how the future is going wired. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)” –Roosh
• “on your new layout: “Our minds have been blown!”” –Justin

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