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Mar 00

An SMS an Hour

• “Seen on the back of a bikie’s t-shirt: ‘if you can read this, mywife fell off'” –Phil (not unpc Phil, nor Plutonia Phil, but Tatterdemalion Phil)
• “free.be.com  <— it’s here.   altho all the servers are busy :(” –Solo
• “I don’t want a dot, a box would be better, a big box” –Shakespear
• “Penii: I’ll kick your dog. So, Inferno, where do you live? :) *ramblings.net*” –Irish (far enough away from you)
• “Everyone: www.bad-candy.com <– funny.” –Silverweed
• “Inferno, if you make enough money you can retire to new zealand and be a sheap herder, I’ve heard it has ‘benefits’.” –Alecks (like this, huh?)
• “How can I get http://www.phunstuff.net on your links list?  Thanks, Ryan” –Ryan