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Mar 00


Those trying to piss me off by sending <3s through SMS… you’re doing a good job of it :/ Does anyone have a program that can convert or open Word 97 docs (without using Word 97/2000)? I have a corrupt document I need to recover, and I want to get at the contents, I don’t care about preserving formatting. Word hangs when it loads the file, so I need an alternate way to get at the data.

Update: When I said I want to get at the contents, I mean I need to get at the content that is READABLE. These solutions don’t work: “rename as .txt can then open with notepad”, “Just open the file using notepad (or any text editor) I’ve had to do this a number of times with files that people have saved using “save as word 6.0/95″ option in word!” A suggestion from Bonhomme De Neige (henceforth abbreviated to BDN) for using this Linux program doesn’t work simply cos Linux doesn’t exist at IPS, “There’s a nice linux program called word2x. I’ve no idea where you might find it though. Look around =)” Thanks anyhow.