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Feb 00

Willow = Banana Cream Pie

Solo, take note :) As seen in the Stay In Touch section of the SMH today:

Buffy slays a stereotype
Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans listen up: in the next season, Willow goes over to the other side. And we dont mean the vampires and assorted demons who flock to Sunnydale. The girl who two seasons ago couldnt get any boy to play hide the witchs wand will, in the absence of the occasionally overly hirsute Oz, find love and a whole lot of affection in the arms of another woman, another witch even, called Tara.

The shows creator, Joss Whedon, broke the news on a Buffy online chatroom recently. “Yes, Willow is becoming a Monkey-owner. I just hope we dont get a lot of protest from Christian Right groups over this. Marginally more seriously, Willow and Tara’s relationship is definitely romantic. Thorny subject; the writers and I have had long topics about how to deal with the subject responsibly, without writing a story that sounds like people spent a long time discussing how to deal with it responsibly.

“To me, it feels just right … and this feels like the natural next step for her. I can only promise you two things for sure: wére not going to do an Ally [McBeal] or Party of Five in which we promote the hell out of a same-sex relationship for exploitation value that we take back by the end of the ep, and we will never have a very special Buffy where someone gets on a soapbox and … oh, I nodded off for a moment there. I just know therés a sweet story there that would become very complicated if Oz were to show up again. Which he will.”

Oz + Tara + Willow = Gee I wonder… I’ve never heard of the term monkey-owner… that’s certainly a new one to me.