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Feb 00

Star Trek DS9: Business As Usual (Ep 5.18)

Here’s a rarity. A serious episode centered around Quark. Quark goes bust and has to turn to weapons dealing to repay his debts. Quark works under the unpredictable Victor Maitland. Uh, I mean, Hagath. (Hagath is played by Steven Berkoff, who also played the bad guy Maitland in Beverley Hills Cop. The two characters are extraordinarily similar.) Just as Worf has been “infected” by Human ideas, Quark seems to have been “infected” by being around Sisko and crew for too long – a ferengi with a conscience is only half a ferengi. The writers handled this episode perceptively, and the resolution to Quark’s dilemma was credible, crafty, and not some “quick cheap/lucky fix” as we see so often. The O’Brien baby subplot was an amusing tagalong plot, showing no one’s forgotten about Kirayoshi. This episode is definitely solid.

“You so much as litter on the promenade and I will nail you to the wall!” – Sisko to a shaken Quark

Second opinion from Jamie:

MUCH better than last week’s IMHO…
Hagath was just a *tad* too over the top in places. too homosexual to be totally creepy, too prone to outbursts to be Blofeld-ian