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Feb 00

Star Trek DS9: A Simple Investigation (Ep 5.17)

Alternatively titled, Odo Gets Laid. Ok, not really, but it could be. A somewhat derivative episode, but since the subject it is being derived from is sound (first love, at long last), it doesn’t turn out too bad. It’s nothing exciting either (I can only take so much of a topless Odo. About half a second. I think a 5 minute scene is … ugh). Probably Bashir’s comments rang through and true in getting Odo to dispense with his inhibitions, and the gossip scene was a nice touch :).

Second Opinion (from Jamie):

a simple investigation is one of my most hated episodes.

here’s my ‘review’ ;)

Pure gutter trash from beginning to end. Stilted dialogue, poor plot. I pity Rene Auberjoinois who just looked so uncomfortable delivering his lines. They spend all this time developing Odo’s love for Kira and suddenly he has this fling with some dumb-blonde alien-of-the-week. Insipid stultifying dross – i’d rather stick my head in a fusion reactor than watch it again

Yeah, I agree with that, but I don’t judge it so harshly. Auberjoinois (how do you pronounce that anyway? Orber-jon-wah?) looks uncomfortable delivering his lines, yes, and this works well for the first part. But once he overcomes his inhibitions, it no longer works for him. Also, notice in the gossip scene, Kira is detectably bothered by the (true) rumour of Odo having successfully found a love interest (it seems the writers haven’t forgotten about the Kira-Odo relationship). Interesting.