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Feb 00

SMS Today

Theseus, ever diplomatic: “Have a nice day, and gimme a red dot you f’ing aussie bastard.” and ever quirky, “IT WASN’T ME, IT WAS THE ONE-ARMED DOT!”
Silverweed asks, “if everyone is entitled to a dot, what do you get if you are really good? (just wondering)” to which I reply… a different coloured dot. Yes, discrimination due to colour. Sue me.
Solo caught me on the train this morning with: “in your words, WAKEY, WAKEY!!!!”
Sung seems to have a problem with gender identification when he sent, “you’re a MILF inferno.”
Phil wonders about my financial haul, “Did you manage to pass the three-figure mark ($$$$) this Chinese New Year’s?” To which I say, no, I only reached three figures. Four would’ve been very nice though :) How was your roundup?
MoFo, resident (impotent?) sexual maniac screams: “VIAGRA ROX ME VIAGRA ROX ME VIAGRA ROX ME!!!!!”
Halcyon, with more on weather: “Freezing weather in the US? Nah… come down to Texas. It was almost 70F today. 110F is hot? Nah… an average summer day here. :)” I have relatives in Texas. Last time I was down there in Winter. It snowed. It was freezing. So I guess you’ll have to wait a few more months before things start to warm up :)