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Feb 00


The taunting continues…

“having a red dot rules.  i feel sorry for those that dont… :)” –Solo
“With Liberty, Justice, and Red Dots for all.” –Ignatius Gunnarsson (eh??)
“Yo, I lost my ICQ list, so send me a message so I can re-add ya. Ya prick.” –Theseus
“Hmm… If i were a red dot… Where would I hide… Oh yeah, up inferno’s aussie ass” –Theseus again.

“I didn’t make the three figure mark!  OH THE HUMANITY!” –Phil (I guess that’s what happens when you get older… you get less money :)… see yesterday’s SMSes)
“Would weed smell as weed if it were a sweet rose?” –Cracky (his nick says it all)
“in quebec, often, for lunch we eat french fries with gravy and cheese curds. yum. have a good lunch.” –TBA (Canadians… so civil. What the hell are cheese curds?)

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