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Feb 00


Ok I have a problem I have to fix up at work. It regards bypassing proxy servers for intranet addresses. We’re using a SOCKS Proxy to access the Internet. However, you can’t use a proxy to access sites on the intranet because of the firewall, so you have to bypass the proxy to get access to them. In Internet Explorer it works fine, just stick the internal addresses in the “exceptions” box and it doesn’t try to go through the socks proxy. In Netscape the feature seems to be broken. A bug? Nah… can’t be… not for Communicator 4.7. So after puzzling over the problem for a couple hours I have come to the conclusion that the “bypass proxy for these addresses” only works if you have set a HTTP proxy server – it doesn’t work for socks servers (in Nutscrape, anyhow). Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?