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Feb 00

Communal Crier

While the identity confusion continues (those for E/N, those against, and those entirely apathetic), Atroxi.com deserves accolades for appearing on TV (regarding their realtime radio broadcasts). Yes, that’s a real, self-proclaimed (!) E/N site getting into real-world mainstream media. Congratulations Jeff & crew!

For next year’s “Year In Review”: Number of E/N sites mentioned on television – 1 (so far)  I link to the story on the site.
SMS from Atroxi

Just goes to show you can’t generalise the community. So, now how much weight do you accord to this statement?

So we get a community full of trash talking internet kids hopped up on the false sense of power that comes with your first taste of double-blind anonymity, IRC refugees now running sites that post pictures of fat chicks with irrelivant quotes under them, and miles of text trash talking other sites. All of this makes e/n very much akin to AOL chat rooms, and less of a weblog sub-genre.

I screwed up again and mis-URLed Wired Abuse. Forgive me, I’m tired.

• Neoflux – Go see. It’s very cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.

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