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Feb 00

Another World

We know e/n and weblogs. Journals, in the more traditional sense of journals, are distantly related to them. A while ago I joined up with the antipodean-l mailing list – a list for Australian and New Zealand journallers. My site doesn’t really belong in there, but they don’t seem to mind.

Anyway, I was browsing Georgina’s site, Shimmer Like a Girl at work and was surprised to see a few paragraphs about me.

Tonight I was poking around Hear Ye! I know Stuart, vaguely, through antipodean-l. He’s doing BIT at UNSW. He has an MCSE. He has designed web sites and won various web site competitions.

He was born in 1981. Jesus. I feel old.

Stuart went to Trinity Grammar. I went there once, did I tell you? High school dance. Met a nice boy and we talked and walked around the grounds for most of the night. I have a funny feeling his name was Stuart too, actually, but obviously not the same Stuart. My Stuart and I were too shy to even hold hands, let alone anything else.

That was at least ten years ago. I feel very, very old.

G was born in 1974. I began in Trinity in 1989, 11 years ago. I hypothesise to say the high school dance would be about Year 9 or 10. I guess it’s not that much of a coincidence, but to think that a girl who came to a dance in the school I was in a decade ago, would be writing about me today (and vice versa). That’s the net for you. I have year books ranging back 11 years, and in one of them, there’s probably a picture of the Stuart she refers to. I wonder if G finished Year 12 in 1992 and the last name of the boy she met was Watkins.

If you are tired of making e/n rounds, especially if you are looking for a writings of a more personal and eloquent nature on the web, or just want to read something different for change, check out the journalling culture.