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Feb 00

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“Congrats, you’re off your Ps!  Are you on silvers now?  BTW sorry if you got this msg multiple times…P” –Phil (Yep, silvers. No, only got it once, so that’s cool)
“Bence is the man, and my computer sucks, anyone know a reason for it freezing once it gets to the desktop?” -Silverweed (yeah, you just said it. Because it sucks and it runs on Windows which isn’t exactly renown for stability)
“Jesus Christ!” -Dennis, reaffirming his faith. Or denouncing it.
Mofo dropped in another stupid message to do with skulls, knives and … yeah.

“hehehe…..i made the screens flicker!!!” –Shaf
“teehee…..i made them flicker again!!! This is fun!!!” –Shaf, having too much fun, 30 seconds later
Since I wasn’t at Aspect, but onsite at a client site in Chatswood, I sent an SMS to his mobile telling him that.
“Damn! Have to get you while you’re in the office next time! Hehehe, my screen actually flickered before I got your SMS.” –Shaf
Ah.. sweet revenge :)
“And I’m on a coffee break…hence the web-surfing…With the amount of work they’re piling on me now, I envy those who are bored..” –Shaf again (bloody long coffee break if you ask me)

“Another good book: The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.” –Phil again

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