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Jan 00

Work and SMSes

I fell asleep at work. I was waiting for a process to compile, so I was resting my head in my hands, elbows propped on the desk. I felt my arms buckle, elbows wobble and my head fall. A split second later I was sitting bolt upright. Believe me, I was very awake after that. It’s not lack of sleep, I’ve come to realise. It’s the work they hand me. If I’m physically doing something, I’m quite awake, but if you get me to read documentation, I’m drifting off in a matter of minutes. However, work has improved. I got to work with one of the 6 AS/400s they have there, finally.

“HSsadfwrag. go 1024 x 768!!!!” –Wabut
   [I would but dad’s got bad eyes and complains he can’t see the lettering under icons.]
“oh no! inferno is a trekkie!! Ghakh!” –Justin
   [What did you think… I wrote those weekly DS9 episode reviews to torture myself?!]
“You know, if you really want to piss off Theseus you should just take away his got completely. :)” –David
   [ >:-) ]
“Using other man’s pager give me happy feelings! GODZIRRA!” –RandomNorseGod
“Can I be on the SMS today? can I, can I, can I????!” –G.Starr
“You have your start button at the top of your desktop? that’s werid.” –G.Starr

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