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Jan 00


Many thanks for all the people who sent in SMSes :). Got a couple in the morning and decided it could get annoying for others if my phone kept beeping all day. So I switched it off, and turned it on after work. I got all the SMSes, one by one when I was walking to the train station. Phone was beeping all the way there. Yeah I looked like a yuppie, suit and all, especially in North Sydney :P. Save me. I’m a westie dammit. Got these messages…

From Atroxi, a reminder that his schmick radio show is on tonight (last night?)

Sharkey exclaims, “No NET ACCESS?!? You poor poor Aussie bastard. I shall now bow my head in a moment of silence for you.”

Calder F. sends this haiku, “Text is made from text / Judo tops all spijitsu / Never drink the rain.” (to which I have to say makes him sound like he was on crack)

– m00n – says, “Thanks. Well burn that naked pic of your sister now.” I don’t have a sister.

Noddy recommends Harry Turtledove’s Into The Darkness to read.

Solo utters, “You said ‘scrotum'”

anti-dentite muses, “well work sucks… but it could be worse.. no wait.. it can’t. sorry.”

One truncated Nick Goodman says “This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may no-” Mobiles don’t take attachments or HTML very well.

Some thing cryptic from Opera Portables Inc. saying, “Opera Portables, Inc. is presenting “by invitation” visits to our web site. New updated and packed-” No URL, though. The message got truncated.

Renai called me a “hot chick” (but we’ll ignore this message seeing it’s from an obviously confused individual)

… and various well wishes from Shaf and Fuzz :)

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