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Jan 00


I think I’m just about out of messaging points.

Noddy has some interesting news – an exclusive Aussie server for UO2, “Stu, that dude was talking about UO, well UO2 will have an Aussie server that only only Aussies can use for the first few months”

Solo questions, “what was Fallen Angel’s sister doing in the shower with him?” Gee good question.

Gimpy Ho sent me a URL to a porn site.

Chibi Knt has this to share, “Here’s a message from the heart. Carnie BoHo will hump the crap out of you.”

Theseus shares something we didn’t want to know about him: “Sometimes when I’m lonely I put peanut butter on my nipples and let my dog lick it off.” Actually, 5 years back when I did cadets at school I remember my demented sargeant telling me about him sticking tuna on his dick and letting his cat lick it off. Must be a relative of Theseus’.

Emily has these words of encouragement: “Keep up the hard work….It can’t be much boring…..Just remember you’re getting paid!  Smile!! :))!” Unfortunately I’m not really getting paid. Just the regular scholarship payments. The companies are not even allowed to pay us extra if they wanted to.