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Jan 00

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well inferno, since you basically know al about E/N with that E/N gateway of yours…

after a lot of thinking and planning, i’ve thought of what i could do in order to let the school know how a lot of people feel is by e-mailing their one e-mail account with letters about how this is illogical, highly overexagerating, and restrive of those people’s basic rights.  if you want, you can copy and paste what i sent you explaining the situation and then the e-mail link to the school and direct people on the page who want to send their thoughts in a letter to do so to that e-mail address.  or, do it however you want, or just don’t respond if yer busy :)

e-mail: cowens@scrantonprep.com
site: http://www.scrantonprep.com

i’m done dealing with them, so, after this, i’ll see what i can do and post updates on the ol’ domain. they’ve gotten letters from a few people about it already, and if they get enough, they will think twice….it’s happened before.

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