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So… Ramblings is down again. Not infighting this time though. Apparently, the crew got busted by their school (check it out James’ e-mail beneath). They’re not the first. This guy also got busted (threatened suspension and grounded) for posting up a classmate’s essay. A rather nasty essay written with the sole purpose of tearing him apart. That essay has since been taken off his site, but being the resourceful surfers you are, you can probably discover one of the mirrors with the essay. Did the schools have a right to do that to Ramblings and that other guy?

But we all know that schools are not governed by democracy. Schools are dictatorships. The Geneva Convention doesn’t exist there. I had a friend last year who was refused permission to go to the toilet. “You walk out that door and you’ve got yourself a detention.” He walked out the door. He got himself a detention, but after kicking up a big fuss, got it revoked. However, everyone has to endure the 12 or so years of school, but after that there’s uni – which is definitely not under a dictatorship :).

School intervention in students’ online affairs is nothing new to me. In early 1996, me and a friend, Glen, both created two separate sites tearing apart a student (Sims) of particular distaste (what a gross understatement) to not just us, but just about everyone in the whole damn school. Sims complained, not only about me and Glen, but a few other friends as well (who had nothing to do with the site, save they had viewed it). This happened unknown to us. Then, one morning, in science, the head of the computing department walked in and rounded up everyone Sims had named (he had shown the teacher the sites) and took them outside to talk. I happened to be taking a half-day off school at the time doing a musicianship exam, so I had missed the bust. The outcome was pretty damn funny, though. From threats of suspension, the 6 of them managed to turn the whole thing around against Sims saying “he brought it upon himself” – which only worked because all the teachers also found Sims annoying as hell. Glen got a warning and was ordered to take the site down, and the matter was considered closed, much to Sims’ annoyance. Sims actually got indirectly told off for being such an annoying prick (not in those words, of course! :). However, since I wasn’t at school at the time, I was never directly told to remove my site by any teachers, so to this day it still remains online somewhere on the web – its URL long forgotten by all but me. The site I made bashing Sims is pretty juvenile and immature – it was written almost four years ago (“Sims is so constipated, that the crap gathered all the way up to his esophagus, causing its bad breath.”). 15 year olds are juveniles. It just gets worrying when adults start writing pages like that.

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Hey, I hate people.

Ok, all of the ramblings posters go to a catholic school called Scranton Prep. The principal there got a complaint from one student after all these rumours went around school about our site. He saw the page. He called it unchristian. And suspended everyone associated with it. Nice guy huh? that’s not all, he called here and said if he finds anything on it from me, he’ll call the D.A., his little bitch lawyer i guess. Oh, and my poster Pevis? expelled. Juseck? he’s next. G? his dad banned anyone to talking to him, and now they’re making the ramblings posters take their midterms after school because of threats and such…

I’m spreading the word, what’s happening here is bullshit. I want to go back up and post away, but…eh, i prolly will, just not tonight.

Viva Le Revelution!

James Mack, Jr.

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