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Jan 00

Communal Crier

Some people’s sensitivity amazes me. I write a line on a site yesterday, and it elicits one 2-page rant and an e-mail. Someone feels quite insecure to be sparked off that badly. Some excerpts, some replies.

Maybe he means a site which has opinionated writers…… Well; what should i have, dull writers such as your self? … You are in no possition to say i’m a wannabe [refference to #2] – your site isn’t the greatest and it sure in hell isn’t better then this webpage, you don’t really write about anything at all … Please attend to your attention seekin’ somewhere else – if you don’t like my site don’t link it; you have no sign on what you are voicing, and you certaintly didn’t make any point whatsoever except that you can only write in a substantial manner, and that you needed something to finish your post:
I don’t know you at all, i don’t care who you are – all i know is that i get people who visit your site to come to mine, to read what i have to say.

I make no claims that my site is “the greatest”. And you don’t have to be to criticise other things. (When was the last time you heard a movie director go off at a movie critic saying, “you’re in no position to judge my movie, you haven’t even made any yourself!”) I’m entitled to an opinion, just as everyone is. I didn’t force him to listen to it, agree with it, or even care about it. I wasn’t trying to make a thought-out point, just an offhanded comment which seems to have inadvertently smacked him right in the face. Because for someone who doesn’t know me, and doesn’t care who I am, he’s sure taking the words I said to heart. 

And as for the e-mail, should I laugh really hard here or what?

but it is better then your site…. and i don’t know how long you have been publishing web pages – but i have been doing it for 2 years…:/

2 years, what a big man. Now should I expect myself to be bashed on his site? Perhaps some comments on how small my dick is? Or my sexuality? Isn’t there also something weird about someone who seems to advocate free speech, but will yet not listen to anyone else’s opinions? I think it’s called ignorance.

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