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Jan 00


Back in Singapore. Got loan of a laptop and net connection from my aunt. I’m happy :)

Sim Lim Square is a 7 level computer shopping mall in Singapore and there are easily a dozen stores that openly sell pirated software spread out amongst the 7 levels. So there I was, looking at a copy of the (alleged) final release of Win 2000 when the store lights went out. The shopkeeper hurried everyone out of the store, wheeled the outside displays inside and slammed down the shutters. The store had been closed in under 30 seconds. All around the mall you could hear shutters banging down. Funny, that. I’m still trying to work out how the signal got around that police were coming. One hour later, all of them had reopened. Real, original game software is even cheaper in Singapore. $49 for new releases.

I finally found a store with the Intellimouse Explorer in stock. Hardware in Singapore is that much more cheaper than Sydney. It’s a really schmick mouse. The scroll wheel could be a little more stiffer (it rolls too smoothly) to provide more tactile feedback, but apart from that, it complements Microsoft’s excellent hardware range quite well.

I bought my digital camera, but it wasn’t the Kodak. The storekeeper convinced me to go with the 2.3 megapixel Fujifilm MX2900. I’ll probably put up some pics taken with it later.

Some net news. Andrew told me of SMSMEBABY, an sms web gateway service for Aussie mobiles. It allows exchange of sms to e-mail and vice versa as well. Looks nifty… I dunno how they can afford to provide it for free though. Surely they don’t make that much from advertising?

As for e-mails anyone has sent me, I will get back to them when I get back to Australia, so just hold on tight.