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Dec 99

Must… Have… More… Bandwidth

I totally agree with what you just said. Optus have been experimenting with cable for four years in australia now and still, nothing. To make things worse, I’ve heard that Telstra have or about to set their standard 100 meg deal (which features the unlimited ftp, data from bigpond servers etc.) to a 250 meg all up deal, meaning that they’re not just going to count http like they currently do, but ftp and stuff as well :(

Also, the other problem with satelite is latency, which is inherintly pretty bad for satelite’s, and of course because you’re still using a dialup connection to upload that only makes the problem worse.

I guess we can just keep hoping that eventually we’ll have a high bandwidth service, comparable to what the US have… altho I doubt that it’ll happen.


Valid comments. The day Australia has bandwidth comparable to the US, though, will be the day Internet 2 comes into circulation (ie: a very, very long time).