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Dec 99

Hear Ye! Will Be On Hiatus

That’s right, a scheduled period of no regular updates (not that I have been updating regularly, anyhow) from 24th December, 1999 to 8th January, 2000. I’ll be off to hot and humid Singapore, flying off on Christmas Eve, followed by a week long foray into wintery Hong Kong (city of cheap “OEM software” ;) which includes a daytrip into China. It appears we need a separate visa to get into China. I thought China retook Hong Kong, and thus since Hong Kong was now annexed with China, only one visa would be required? I guess the HK “Special Administrative Region” is still quite separate from mainland China. I’ve got a bit of a shopping list which is dominated by technological products. Singapore’s hardware is quite a bit cheaper than in Sydney (it helps that most hard drives are manufactured there, and that Creative Labs is a Singaporean company). I’ll be looking for a 2+ megapixel digital camera there, along with an international warranty for it. Which one to choose though? The Kodak DC290 looks quite good, but it’s probably out of my price range. Suggestions?

In the meantime, I set up a quick and dirty CGI script so I can update this page via the web, should I get the time, inclination, and access to a web browser. I’ll be updating between now and the 24th though, so don’t go anywhere just yet.