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Dec 99

Famous Last Words: “Mate, just be there, you’re in!”

Last night, 10.45pm, outside Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour
We’re at the entrance to Home, and there’s no queue there. We ask the bouncers what time it opens. Extremely strange for a nightclub that holds over 1000 people, and that opens in 15 minutes, that there’s absolutely no queue. Nonetheless, we figure we’re lucky and line up anyway.

10 minutes pass. The bouncer comes up to us. “Can I see your tickets, please?” And we’re thinking, “WTF? What tickets?”

“Guys, you do know that tonight is a gay night.”


Aw, fuck.

Shuffle away. Quick. That explains the two guys in tight shiny leather standing behind us.

Of all the nights we choose, we get the gay night. We ended up further down the wharf in Pontoon, which was shit (especially compared to Home) – the girls were complaining about the sleeze, dance floor too cramped etc. Now my dilemma is, should I go to sleep, or shouldn’t I? I feel awake.