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Dec 99

Communal Crier – Holiday Bonus Edition

This will be the final post I’ll be making from Australia until the 8th, next month. In the meantime, check out the holiday pullout section (don’t forget to check out the bundle of tickets I scanned :). Have a safe, but fabulous Christmas (or whatever celebration you may be engaged in) and an incredible New Year. Gee, I think I’ve run dry of superlatives to describe Christmas and the New Year over the last week.

And of course, here are the regular features:

• Four20

• De/nnis
• Rebelonet – back to its rightful domain
• White Ty Affair

As stated on www.bunkford.com our host is giving us the boot.  If anyone knows of a good, fast, cheap host plz let us know. If you don’t mind, could you post something on your site about BF needing a new home, cuz we have until Tuesday December 28th to find one. [Mail him]

And I can just imagine getting back and spending 5 hours downloading what’s arrived in my mailbox while I’m away :( But don’t let that stop you from mailing me.

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