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Dec 99

Breaking Out The New Stuff

Wow. Net free for a whole week. Well, actually the truth is I was in rehab for internet addiction, so I couldn’t really use a mouse while I was in that strait jacket :). Thus, apologies for the distinct lack of updating.

Nonetheless, I haven’t been completely lazy. At long last I’ve moved the whole site to it’s own subdomain and done a redesign of sorts. Please let me know of any bad links or anything that’s broken. Most changes have been behind the scenes work with dynamic stuff (you no longer have to view the giant e/n listing if you don’t want to!). With this “version” of Hear Ye!, I’ve dropped Netscape 3 support, but to compensate, I’ve jumped on the themes bandwagon and offered a text-only version of the site (as well as a tongue-in-cheek weblog layout). Constructive criticism or any other mail would be appreciated. Plugs would be even more appreciated :).

I’ve begun labelling some pages with copyright notices dated for the year 2000. How cool does that look? There’s something about 2000 that makes anything it’s stuck on look futuristic (except when it’s paired with “non-compliant”).