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Dec 99

ABA Hacked

A friend, Andrew, forwarded me this link to the ABA’s web site (Australian Broadcasting Commission). It’s been hacked (local screenshot). Australia does indeed have the weirdest stance on Internet regulation. They are trying to regulate something which is unregulatable, and something which normal people have no desire to see regulated. For a developed country such as ours, we sure have some crony old backward luddite politicians. Also, when hackers hack, why can’t they spend a bit of extra time composing a message that is coherent and written in proper English? Then maybe for once, when people who read the hack think about the hacker, images of a rebellious, uneducated teenage muckabout aren’t conjured up. It would give them a little credibility … and dropping the hacking lingo would show you’re more serious about your message, and not the fact that you’re so “l33t” cos you cracked the security of some site.