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Nov 99

Wintertime? Summertime?

Sheesh. You yanks are so ignorant. Look, Saturday’s SMH Column 8:

THIS COMES up from time to time, but still amazes us. Tracey Schmidt, of Sandy Beach, near Coffs Harbour, says: ”I knew Americans didn’t know much about Australia, but when I was asked this by a ’30-something’ American mum (sorry, mom), an e-mail penpal, I was flabbergasted: ‘I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but is it now summertime for you guys? I heard that it’s the opposite on the other side of the equator. So your Christmas is warm?’

One more thing. With Winter comes colds and other illnesses. Remember that Vitamin C is a cold preventor – it won’t really help you that much once you get it. And stuff like Ribena which has four times the Vit C of OJ helps more :). I haven’t fallen sick for over half a year and I reckon it’s the Vitamin C.