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Nov 99


That mythological Silicon Valley firm that hasn’t made a press release in its 3 years of existence updated their page (well, it no longer reads, “This page not here yet.”) Turns out they have been developing a new CPU (one that’s rumoured to emulate the Intel platform faster than Intel’s can run, natively) which they’ve called Crusoe. Which is funny cos it seems to be a reference to the chip’s portability (the Java of CPUs?) and Crusoe was pretty much stranded on an island for years – unable to go anywhere. Thanks to Renai for telling me about their updated site.

The standard dive into HTML source code produced this:

<!—Yes, there is a secret message, and this is it:
Transmeta’s policy has been to remain silent about its plans until it had something to demonstrate to the world. On January 19th, 2000, Transmeta is going to announce and demonstrate what Crusoe processors can do. Simultaneously, all of the details will go up on this Web site for everyone on the Internet to see. Crusoe will be cool hardware and software for mobile applications. Crusoe will be unconventional, which is why we wanted to let you know in advance to come look at the entire Web site in January, so that you can get the full story and have access to all  of the real details as soon as they are available.—>