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Nov 99

Statement of Fact

Let’s take a look at the latest “controversy”. It started when two pieces of mail landed in my Mailbox. Notice something strange about the address list?

From: “Roosh” <habuki@erols.com>
To: “Simon Char***” <simon84@home.com>,
“Mike \”Saberdeath\”” <saberdeath@roosh.com>,
“Michael \”Pring\”” <blades@modempool.com>,
“Infernon” <inferno@the-pentagon.com>,
“Greg Cumberford” <jean-chretien@canada.com>,
“Dave Maier” <djmwp@hotmail.com>,
“Brian \”Infernon\”” <infernon@telebot.com>,
“Bret Schlyer” <schlyer@hotpop.com>

The first mail was the one we all know of, the second one was more sensitive to the internal workings of Roosh.com, which I have not divulged, nor will abuse. The first one was passed on to Solosier. The whole ICQ “conversation” I had with Solo was the product of his poetic license and the actual conversation is faithfully reproduced below:

John 24/11/19 2:07
of course not. :) i know when to keep my mouth shut :P you would be suprised what i DON’T say.
Inferno 24/11/19 2:08
[Forwarded Mail]
Inferno 24/11/19 2:09
what gets me is the last paragraph :)
roosh thinks he’s hot shit :)
anyway i’m off to bed.. cya
John 24/11/19 2:10
later… thanks :)

I’m not in the habit of making fun of people’s ethnic names (didn’t stop me from laughing though, I must say). That’s it, that’s my side of the story, I won’t speak for anyone else. Subsequent conversation “transcripts” were let’s say, “inspired” by the actual msgs sent :). In the same way Shakespeare “inspires” Hollywood filmmakers to adapt his plays to the big screen. While Roosh’s words weren’t meant for the public’s ears, no doubt someone, me, (unfortunately) overheard. That happens in real life.

I almost landed a detention last year for saying something about a teacher not meant to be heard by a teacher. And when I said it, that very teacher (unknown to me) was right behind me. Does that mean he can’t act on what I said, even though he wasn’t meant to have heard it? Obviously he didn’t think so, and neither did my housemaster, who he dragged me up to. I spent the damn lunchtime sweeping up a science lab (no detention tho :). Should the cyber version of this be any different? I should’ve looked behind me before spouting off (I never made that mistake again). If the abuse was aimed at another teacher, would the reaction have been as severe? Perhaps, but perhaps not. But you can safely say there would’ve been a reaction.

A later message from Roosh entitled “We have a Mole!” included this:

i don’t care one bit that the email was published

Doesn’t care one bit? Is that so? Hmm.. Good to hear.

One more exam tomorrow, and that’s first year uni over and done with.

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