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Nov 99

Star Trek DS9: In Purgatory’s Shadow (Ep 5.14) and By Inferno’s Light (Ep 5.15) [Two-Parter]

(Hey! By Inferno’s Light! My namesake episode!!) Well, well, well. Themes and issues have taken a back seat and plot has taken over. The best double-parter I’ve seen from Trek so far is mainly driven by a rivetting plot with some huge political ramifications occurring. This two-parter is the “mover and shaker” of the whole season. It potentially affects half the galaxy. It’s good to see the Alpha quadrant has overcome pig-headedness and united against a common enemy. When you break it down, it all has basically eventuated into a Alpha Quadrant vs Gamma Quadrant affair.

Garak’s character is a never-fail one, and despite the sudden revelation he is claustrophobic, Robinson plays out Garak to his usual high standards.

Dukat is Evil. He sold out big time. He’s playing with fire and he could get burnt very very badly in future.

O’Brien is dull witted. Shouldn’t he know Bashir very well, as best mates? :).

Sisko is willing and ready to whoop ass. None of this diplomacy shit – he’s realised everything’s beyond diplomacy. Good to see – the Federation is normally so passive. With the Federation under attack by an imminent and significant threat, however, you’d reckon they’d have a permanent starship guard there. How hard can it be to deploy a dozen ships there? I mean they must have thousands!

Once again the power of the Dominion is asserted. We have never seen any play by the Federation which has given them a tactical advantage over them whatsoever. Even the “secret” attack by the Obsidian Order and Tal’Shiar was turned into a Dominion ploy and crippled the secret services of the Romulans and Cardassians.

I just had a thought. It was triggered by changeling Bashir emulating the voice of a woman. You know who the Founders are? T-1000 units. Maybe a more advanced non-metallic model :). But they are terminator units! They change shape and change voice! What more proof do you need? Arnie and a fire extinguisher filled with liquid nitrogen? :)

On a worse note, Channel 9 pulled the plug on DS9. This is the last episode that will be shown until next year. They stopped it mid-season dammit! Half-way through! Fuck them! They can’t keep their hands off Trek for one bloody season, can they? Arrrrgh…. screw you Packer!!!