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Nov 99

Expediting FTP Uploads

For all you people who manually update and upload your sites like me, (as opposed to using a news script), here’s a way to automate your FTPs a little. It involves creating a batch file and using the scripting option of the dos ftp program (ftp <options> -s:<scriptingfilename> <hostname>). So make a batch file (and place a shortcut to it on your desktop for one-click uploading) called something like upload.bat and write something like this:

cd \mysite\
echo Start of download log > transfer.log
ftp -s:ulscript.txt ftp.yourhost.com >> transfer.log
echo End log >> transfer.log

Then, in d:\mysite\, you’d have the ulscript.txt that provides the commands simulating what you’d type in an FTP session.

cd public_html
lcd d:/mysite/
(note: use forward slashes for directory) (note: use forward slashes for directory)
put news.html

Of course, you have to mod the files to your liking, but all you’ll have to do now is double click your desktop shortcut to upload files.