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Nov 99

Communal Crier

Something happened concerning The Stile Project. A fairly ludicrious scenario in which most site have commented on. Something about it getting noticed by the Howard Stern audience and then having the cops called in. Whatever it is it’s a fake. There are easily thousands of sites far more “objectionable” in content to the people I assume Stile is trying to parody. Nevertheless, it’s been raking in the referrals.

New Sites

• Blacksage
• Optix
• Threed

Now this is something original :)

Today’s Bad Idea
Solosier @ 10:32 am
Get drunk and forget what site is yours :)

Hells YeahSharkey @ 1:10 am
So I was hagin’ out with Mabs and Bud today, and….. Hey wait….Where the fuck am I? Oh shit, wrong site. Sorry.

First off, let the bastard sit in a rotting jail cell until the kid recovers. Then let the kid beat the shit out of him with golf clubs and baseball bats until he feels vindicated. Then lock him up for the rest of his life, forced to wear a t-shirt with a picture of the kid kicking his ass so the bigger inmates know he’ll be an easy lay. I’d imagine there isn’t any lube in prison, so he’ll get what he deserves. Repeatedly.