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Nov 99

Can’t Stop the Addiction

A friend got hooked on dopewars (heh distributing that program during exams is a little slack :) and went and found the official site. The high score there is just obscene. It’s around $149 million.

This person’s suggestion about sociologically/politically profiling the e/n community (using a “third party”) is definitely intriguing. Anyone wanna actually do it though?

Hi Inferno.

Thanks for the new link to another silly game: dopewars.  It’s a little less inane that slime volleyball, but a worthwhile timewaster nevertheless.

I am frankly amazed at the $27 million profit you mention, and even the “third of that” that you refer to (although I note that you say that you haven’t reached that target).  I have only managed to do $2.9 million.  Maybe I just haven’t invested enough time to get lucky enough.  I usually only do as well as that when I get lucky with cocaine or heroin.   (I am glad that the context of this shows pretty clearly that this is a *game* we are talking about – out of contect that last sentence could look pretty bad for me.)


P.S.  Someone should do a sociological study of e/n and the kinds of things that get posted.  It might only be worthwhile if the “studier” some decent access to the *actual text* of the other communications that take place between people (e.g. you and Solo – what a suprise to hear has been creative with his account of something concerning Roosh).  As an absoloute outsider (and occasional visitor to some e/n sites from time to time) the social forces at work here, the various personalities (as they portray themselves and are portrayed by others) and the various relationships are interesting to say the least.

And its a bit hard to uderstand why anyone gets upset at anything Solo says.  He seems like a fairly normal opinionated kind of guy, who is going to say and do stuff to entertain himself no matter what anyone else thinks or says: so what?  The dogs way in the distance may be barking, but no one should give a rats, least of all compose diatribes about it (or shold I say “rants” about it).  But people will be childish and stupid no matter how old they are: no-one should expect the members of an online community (such as it is) to be any different.

Anyway, thats enough pontificating.   Good luck in your next dopewars game.