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Oct 99

Some Trivia

Well if it wasn’t a sign of the times last night… BITSA held a trivia night last night and we were a table of 7. It didn’t take us long to realise how yuppie we looked with 5 mobiles laid out on the table (these days, the average uni student is a yuppie). Anyway there were about 10 rounds of 10 questions each (mixed in with some bonus rounds like some ridiculous scavenger hunt where you had to dig up a piece of underwear without taking any clothes off – ie, have one in your bag or something). Round 2 came along…

“What does the medical term epistaxis refer to?”
“WTF? We’re not med students… we’re IT students!”
“Hey, Dad’s a doctor… maybe I should call him…” (fiddling with phone idly)
“Yeah! Good idea! Do it!”
“Are you serious???”

(moments later)

“Guys, guys… got it… epywhatever is a nose bleed.”

Of course once the first phone call was made, that was just the beginning. We were all pulling out phones calling home for trivia answers :) Luckily the phone calls were all free coutesy of Optus ‘Yes’ time! I think in the end I had dad sitting next to his mobile with an atlas and dictionary beside him. Then we got some crazy ideas about getting someone with an Optus mobile down to the computer labs (with its chunky net connection) for quick Net searching hehe. Maybe next time :)

The final question of the night was a coincidence…

“Last question… finish off this verse by Wordsworth.”
[Big groan from everyone]
“I wandered lonely as a cloud / Tha–“
[Big excited gasp from me] “Shit! I know this! I know this!”
“–floats on high o’er vales and hills / When all I once I saw a crowd…”
[Still excited] “um… um… a host of golden daffodils!”
[From rest of table] “Shhhhhhhh.”

Year 11 I had to do some big ass project on the past 6 centuries of English verse (it was like 15,000 words) and the verbal component was the from-memory recitation of some poem from that era. And tada… that was the very poem I had chosen. But no, I didn’t trust my memory.

“Um dad, is the computer on? It is? Can you quickly go to the D drive… Documents folder… what do you mean there’s no documents folder? … Told you it was there… now Old docs, School work, Year 11… look for something with poetry recitation or Wordsworth. Found it? Cool! Read it out!”

Well it was pretty funny at the time – not sure whether it was cheating or not :) I guess last night was an exception to what’s displayed on my phone normally…


My original idea :)

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