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Oct 99

Sixth Sense

This was an interesting “horror” movie. To be more precise, it wasn’t a horror movie. It was a movie with horror/suspense elements. I was told that you understand it all after the movie. So there I am, watching, and until the last half hour, am happy I understand the majority of what’s going on. Then, there’s a particularly imaginative plot development that caught everyone by surprise. After the movie, conversation for it ensued. And it wasn’t just of the, “What’d you think?” “Oh, I thought it was good.” “Yeah me too. Let’s go eat.” variety either. I managed to tie up most of the weird stuff, except for a few things. Perhaps someone can explain these to me (Highlight. Don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it):

• At the beginning, the mum walks back into the kitchen and all the drawers are open. I thought the kid had telekinetic powers, but that wasn’t the case. When Cole leaves, his hand leaves a condensation handprint. Does this mean the room was cold (signifying a ghost)?
• Cole gets injured by scratches. Where are they from?

Here’s what someone wrote on IMDB about it:

After hearing my friends talk about this film I knew I had to see it, and I did, but I wanted to see it by myself. This was not a good idea since I was the only one in the theatre which seated about 500 people. This movie terrified me, I had to get up and move to the back row so I knew nothing was behind me…. All in all a very good film, I just wish I could go back in my basement.

You’d have to pay me quite a bit to do that…

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