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Oct 99

Possessed Computer

I was working away on an assignment last night when my other computer started blurting stuff from the speakers. Strange. There weren’t any applications open. I turned the volume up and I’m hearing radio chatter… and not only that, but police radio chatter. So I shut everything down (the computer is networked to my main computer and accesses the net via proxy) including the stuff in the system tray. Radio chatter continues. I give the three finger salute. The task list reveals a crashed-while-closing Netscape. So I force that to quit. Still chatter. And it wasn’t a file, because it wasn’t looping and it had been going for quite a while. I shut down the proxy server on the main computer, so the other computer wasn’t connected to the Net anymore. Nothing. Then I shut down each task listed app in the Cont-Alt-Del menu one by one. No good. I pulled out Wintop (process viewer, like WinNT’s task manager and Linux’s ‘top’ command) and began shutting down non-system tasks. In there end there wasn’t anything running on the system, and still I was getting noise from cop cars and radios. Freaky shit. I rebooted and it didn’t happen again. I still am totally bewildered… if it was a virus, it’s a weird one… that’s the only possibility I can think of, and not a very possible one at that.

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