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Oct 99

Physical Activity

My quadraceps are hurting. Damn I’m unfit… Paintball on Friday was absolutely awesome. Got hit in the head twice, numerous body hits, but didn’t get bruised at all :). No one could get close enough heh. Had this game in a field called “The Village”. One team defends a village (with a medic, who can only be killed with two head shots) and flag, another team has to get the flag, but can’t enter the village. 50 players on the field, 25 a side. Looked like Braveheart (or a Zergling rush if you’d prefer). Anyway I was on the defending side on the front line… uploaded a fair few bullets into the oncoming hoard before getting smacked in the head, but in a mere 19.5 seconds the game was over. The ref blew his whistle, everyone stopped, only to hear some guy jumping up and down yelling “Fuck it!”. I thought the game was stopped because of injury, but it turned out that some guy managed to get to the flag in record time. He went spread-eagle in celebration, only to get smacked right in the nipple by a paintball. It was bleeding afterwards. Not a pleasant sight.

Golfed yesterday. Only 9 holes. First time since the beginning of the year. Scored a 51, pretty shoddy.