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Oct 99


Two assignments, both last minute jobs. Some accounting essay analysing Southcorp and a BDM (business data management – a full of shit information systems subject) database to do in MS Access. The spec for the BDM isn’t. As in, the specific-ation isn’t specific. It’s the single most ambiguous document (username: INFS1603, password: BDM – both case sensitive) I’ve seen this year. It’s due tomorrow, it’s not finished, and I’m updating this page. Looks like another all-nighter. The State Transit Authority almost decided to pull another fucking strike which would have made things particularly tough for me, since I need the bus to get to uni, and I need to get to uni to hand the dbase in… got an offer for a lift in, but that would involve me getting up at some unholy hour to get to Central on time. But they aren’t striking anymore, thankfully.

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