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Oct 99

In Column 8

This in column 8 today… geez… no wonder why you Yanks and Canadians get the wrong impression. Remind me to go feed my pet kangaroo in the backyard later on…

VISITING Canada, Julian Faigin, of Sydney, found in a Toronto newspaper an ad for “Kiwi Shampoo – Venture Down Under”. “What does it all mean?” asks Julian. “I guess NZ is ‘down under’, too: After a long day of wrestling crocs, chasing Kangas and slinging back the coldies by the billabong, you need an escape … Whether you’re a Bruce or a Sheila, our natural fruit extracts will help revitalize, strengthen, condition, and restore moisture to your hair. And if the sun and blowdrying are leaving your hair like burnt shrimp on the barbie, our added heat and UV protectors will provide extra protection on those days in the Great Outback.“What do Canadians think of us?