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Oct 99

Communal Crier – Etymology Edition

Just what the fuck is going on with the term “e/n”? The term has met constant criticism ever since it was conceived. Schyler has e/n listed under “e/n weblogs” (huh?) and Roosh has come up with some, if I may be frank, G/S bullshit terminology. Many seem to be ashamed of the label. Why? Well I doubt it’s those three characters – it’s more likely the type of sites and people that are associated with e/n. There’s a weird stigma attached to this “community”, and merely changing the label affixed to it won’t do much good. Tomarto? Tomayto? So what is e/n? Screw it… e/n sites are basically online journals, but so are weblogs and online diaries. E/N is a community, and a self-proclaimed e/n site is one that thinks it belongs to it. Although I don’t know if it’s coherent enough to be called that… it’s more like a commercial industry, or a rowdy neighborhood. This may be a cop out definition, but I can’t think of a better one (and yes I know I defined it as something differently a few months ago). Dare you to.

• Gods Journal – “I Am That I Am” Decidedly blasphemous, heretical and guaranteed to be offensive to the Catholics. Had this been written a few centuries back, Mr yah_yah_yahweh@hotmail.com (“What does God need with an e-mail address?“) would’ve been burnt at the stake. But this is the net generation, and thankfully just about anything goes. Worth a browse, some things I found quite amusing :).

Are you a man or a woman?
Make no mistake about it. I am 100% pure male. Well…except when–but, no, we won’t go there.

But it’s not e/n.

I know that you’re like the pimp grandmaster daddy [damn straight! :)] of keeping up with the E/N stuff, so you’ll be happy to hear that it’s not specifically E/N.

• Absurdities Observed – Moved with a brand spanking new layout.

Oh, and BAMF has a kickass article. That, is e/n.