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Oct 99

Communal Crier

Haven’t forgotten about the revised geographical survey… just been doing other stuff. I just something juicy coming up too…

• De/nnis

Y’know what? Techno Weenie has a sweet 404 page

Have you checked out the Atroxi radio show? Just did… it’s not bad at all. Leave it in the background and enjoy. Talking coherently and fairly interestingly for 2 hours into a microphone isn’t easy, so I guess Jeff working at a radio station does help. With regards to the failed realtime real audio streaming, what you could do is use a ShoutCast server instead. What you do is get someone with a cable modem to set up a ShoutCast server on their computer. You get your computer with its 56K modem uploading the upstream to the cabled computer (using Winamp and the appropriate Shoutcast plugin), and people connect to it using WinAmp and so the cabled computer is dishing out multiple downstreams, so as long as the upload stream is < 56kpbs, people listening in should be fine (unless the cable modem runs out of upload bandwidth).

And Paul let me know that Slime Volleyball is dead. Noooo…. Now I gotta find a new link.