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Oct 99


Little anecdote comes to mind… sitting on the bus on the back seat a couple days ago. Chatting to a friend when I turn my head… there’s this seedy looking guy in the corner drawing these nude pics in a dishevelled scrapbook (I think it was a diary, actually). Bad thing was, he couldn’t draw and the chicks that came out were… <shudder> let’s just say I didn’t make too many glances at his (I’m sure he’d call it) “art”.

Reminds me of Solosier, the 40 year old, and a rather unfortunate typo :)

of course, this chick is like 40, and i would touch her with a 10 ft pole, and she can hardly speak english (yes, i met her), but that is NOT the point, damn it.

… Or was it a typo?