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Oct 99

All Done!

Finally got that compiler mofo outta the way! Now I can get back to updating…

% give cs1021 compiler Compiler.java Compiler??.java
Submission: compiler
Files found: Compiler.java Compiler00.java Compiler01.java Compiler02.java Compiler03.java Compiler04.java Compiler05.java Compiler06.java Compiler07.java Compiler08.java Compiler09.java Compiler10.java Compiler11.java Compiler12.java Compiler13.java

Running submission through simple test…
Compiling your program …
Submission compiled succesfully
Testing your compiler on /home/cs1021/public_html/simpleJava/examples/0/Simple0b.java
The output from the simpleRISC program it produced is:


Your submission produced a correct SimpleRISC program.

Submission datestamp: Tue Oct 26 21:56:48 1999
Assignment deadline: Tue Oct 26 23:59:00 1999
This submission is on time.
Submission accepted

And here’s some quasi-assembler the program generates to crack your head on (heh – gibberish to those who’ve never dealt with assembler before). This is actually a Stack Quicksort program.

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