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Sep 99

Starcraftin’ Incident

Playing Starcraft with a friend. I’m running around with a Dark Archon on full mana charge and I spot this transport sitting in the middle of nowhere. Zap, mind control, it’s mine, and I’ve buggered off with a transport filled with 8 SCVs :). Well how was I supposed to know he got a phone call from his g/f and got “momentarily distracted”? Hahaha. Conversation later…

Inferno: i’m gonna nick off with one of your SCVs again :)
PK: NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL 8!!!!!!!!!!!! FRIGGIN CHEAP ASS!!!!!!!!!! GO PLAY TERRANS IF U LIKE MY SCVS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Protoss!!! can warp in their own building, but cant even build a bloody SCV!!! Damn ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PK: Go play terrans if u ;like using my units so mcuh :) hehehehe… Damn Protoss its just not fair!!! Friggin Kill all my units before i let them defect to u! Weak minds these humans