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Sep 99

Star Trek DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations (Ep 5.6)

“I’m a doctor, not a historian!”

This episode was nothing short of brilliant. Deviating from the rest of the season, this was a special tribute episode chock full of in-jokes. The nostalgia was particularly powerful, and the humour which ran through the whole episode was absolutely hillarious (heh… those guys from Temporal Investigations and all those puns on time!). What was particularly impressive was how this episode was grafted seamlessly onto an Original Series episode (the classic The Trouble with Tribbles). Especially when the crew involved in the bar brawl are being grilled by Kirk and they stick O’Brien and Bashir into the lineup. The digital manipulation was totally convincing (even though it is a 3 year old episode), placing the DS9 characters alongside Kirk and crew from the old TOS episode. The recreation of the old Enterprise set was also stunning – every nuance caught (uniforms, the squelch the doors make, decor, and those cheesy tricorders with “sleek lines”). Definitely the highlight episode of the season. Even thinking about this episode brings a smile to my face. Too bad I’ve heard that next week’s episode may be the worst episode in Trek history.